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 Alien V.S. Covenant Part 1: THE ENCOUNTER

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PostSubject: Alien V.S. Covenant Part 1: THE ENCOUNTER   Thu Aug 02, 2007 4:21 am

This is part 1 of 3 of Alien V.S. Covenant.

“Vessel sighted Shipmaster.” said the navigator of the Covenant destroyer Punisher. “Is it human?” Shipmaster Morvak asked. “It doesn’t match any human designs in the database, or any I’ve ever seen.”

“Check again”

“Yes Shipmaster.” This troubled Morvak. The ship obviously wasn’t of Covenant or Forerunner origin, and wasn’t of any apparent human origin either. “Scan it for life signs”

“Reading something, but nothing familiar.” said the sensor operator.

“A system flaw?”

“I am reading no anomalies Shipmaster.” more troubling thoughts filled the Shipmasters mind. “Send several squads of Uggnoy and Kig-yar to investigate.”

“Sending them now Shipmaster.”

The Uggnoy scurried past the Kig-yar to the boarding craft. Several Kig-yar shook their heads in disapproval of the Uggnoy’s over-eagerness of such a trivial investigation mission. As the craft neared the end of the short journey to the unidentified-ship, they checked their plasma pistols and needlers and prepared to enter. Once inside, they fanned out to explore. Room by room they scanned the first section of the ship without finding anything. Then they entered a new section.

“Nothing yet” said a squad leader over the COM system,” but we’ll keep looking.” Morvak was somewhat relieved to hear this but still a little worried. One of his senior officers noticed this. “Something wrong Shipmaster?” he asked. “Yes” Morvak replied. “Yes there is”

“What is it?”

“Don’t you find it somewhat odd that there would be a ship with no apparent known origins just floating out in the middle of known space?”

“Yes, that is what most of the bridge has been thinking”

“And the life signatures don’t help shake the feeling either”

“Do you think it could be th-”


They ran past the door as fast as they could. Then they sealed it and the Kig-yar squad leader said” how many losses?”

“30” one of them replied” that includes all the Uggnoy and 4 of us.”

“Try another distress signal.”

“We can’t sir”

“Why not?”

“Those things killed our COM operator, all our communications are cut off”

“Alright, here’s what were-”

“THERE BURNING THROUGH THE DOOR!” Yelled a Kig-yar with a needler. All the remaining Kig-yar readied their weapons as the creatures burned their way through the door. As they emerged the Kig-yar fired. The creatures partially burned face was the last thing they’d ever see.

“I want at least fourteen more boarding craft, packed with Sangheli and Lekgolo.” announced Morvak.

“Right away Shipmaster”

Four Lekgolo pairs boarded the boarding craft. Each craft had at least four pairs of Lekgolo and sixty Sangheli. As the craft prepared to depart, a message played over the COM system. “Brothers, you are about to embark on the most important mission of your lives. You will infiltrate this strange and unknown craft for two purposes: one, to find the source of these strange beasts, and two, avenge our fallen comrades by eradicating these unholy abominations!” There was tension all over the craft. No one knew what they were about to face, but they all knew that whatever these creatures were, they wiped out an entire search brigade of Kig-yar and Uggnoy. As they entered the ship the first team immediately headed towards the last known location of the original search party. When they arrived they observed the corpses of all the Kig-yar. They noticed that they seemed to be moving. As they watched this one of them opened and out came a small creature covered in a strange ooze. “could this little thing have wiped out a whole brigade?” said one of the Lekgolo. “No” replied a Sangheli” but that could” the whole squad looked at the large armored creature standing just a few meters away. It was hunched over with a tail. It had an elongated head, similar to the creature that the Sangheili held in it’s hand. The larger one jumped at the nearest one of them and the whole squad opened fire. In seconds the beast was reduced to a smoldering pile of flesh on the ground. Then its blood touched the floor of the ships metal deck and started to melt through.

“Report” announced Morvak. A Sangheili voice crackled over the COM. “No casualties yet sir, but we’ve found and killed six of these creature so far. I’ll send you a holo image of them now.” an image appeared of the creature the first squad saw. “That will be all soldier” said Morvak.


The Sangheili scanned through the room before giving the “all-clear” sign to the Lekgolo behind them. They entered, and left the door open behind them. “What is that?” asked a Sangheili. “They were Uggnoy” replied Sangheili Major Domo Vostic. The squad panned the room looking at all the disfigured Uggnoy carcasses all over the room, their blue blood and gore splattered across the floor. “They’re all hollow” murmured a Lekgolo. “Where are the-” just then clear, thick saliva dripped from the ceiling onto a Sangheili’s shoulder. They all looked up and stared in aw at the creature clinging to the ceiling. “Beasts.” he finished quietly. Just before it attacked, a Sangheili opened fire with a needler. Emptying the weapon into the creature. The shards impacted, then exploded in the creature natural armor, splattering acidic blood across the Sangheili below it. The blood evaporated harmlessly on his over shield.

“We’ll call them ‘Hell Hounds’” proclaimed Shipmaster Morvak. “Excuse me Shipmaster?” said one of the officers on the bridge. “These things were fighting. We’ll call them Hell Hounds.” “Ah yes, of course Shipmaster” “COM officer! I want that broadcasted over the main frequencies immediately, all squads must hear this information.” “Broadcasting now” “Excellent”

As they finished listening to the broadcast Vostic ordered them to immediately burn all the Uggnoy corpses. They did, and then they entered another room, this one though, was a hallway, that stretched down about 10 meters. “You”, ordered Vostic ”scout out that hallway.” “Yes sir” replied the Sangheili. He got about halfway down and stopped. “Sir, I think there’s something wrong with my sen-” just then a Hell Hound, swooped down and pulled up the Sangheili by the head, and another came from the left. The two got him into a corner, and were joined by a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, and soon a dozen Hell Hounds were attacking him and clawing and biting, all the while drastically weakening his energy shield. The squad moved in to help but was cut of by several more of them. They killed several, but more came. Vostic grabbed two energy swords from the ground and started cutting through the Hell Hounds. He decapitated one, the cut another in half, fought through the dozen attacking his Sangheili scout, and helped him up. He turned to see that the ones attacking his squad were all dead. And two of his men were wounded and another dead. “Get them back to the ship!”

“Shipmaster, incoming injured on boarding craft.” said one of the officers onboard. “Let them in” announced Morvak.

The craft landed in the dock and the wounded were rushed to the infirmary. “How bad are his wounds?” asked one of the medical supervisors to one of the machines. “His injuries include: claw marks, tissue damage, acidic wounds, and some kind of biological entity.” Biological entity? Thought the supervisor what could that mean?

“Something on radar sir” “Where?” yelled Vostic. “I don’t know sir it vanished” “That’s impossible how could it vanish?” just then a Hell Hound jumped from behind a column at a Lekgolo. The Lekgolo simply held up its shield and when the beast jumped on it the Lekgolo put its shield directly into the wall next to it, crushing the Hell Hound instantly.

It was silent in the med bay. The only sound was the low hum of the medical equipment. “What is happening!?!” said a panicked med bot looking at the holo image in front of it. The biological entities signature kept spiking up until… SPLAT! The whole room was pock marked with dots of blue blood, emerging from the chest of the Sangheili was a miniature Hell Hound.

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PostSubject: Re: Alien V.S. Covenant Part 1: THE ENCOUNTER   Thu Aug 02, 2007 12:14 pm

Well wat do u know..... well at least its not A.I..... this thread will now be locked and u will open a discussion thread

P.S. PM me or Avid when u are going to add a chapter
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PostSubject: Re: Alien V.S. Covenant Part 1: THE ENCOUNTER   Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:14 pm

Wow is suddenly find myself wanting more.
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PostSubject: Re: Alien V.S. Covenant Part 1: THE ENCOUNTER   

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Alien V.S. Covenant Part 1: THE ENCOUNTER
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