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 Alien V.S. Covenant Part 4: THE QUEEN

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PostSubject: Alien V.S. Covenant Part 4: THE QUEEN   Tue Sep 04, 2007 5:52 pm

heres part 4 of AvC, enjoy!



The Banshee flew above the ship. Normally a Seraph fighter would be used for work like this but it was too fast and didnít have the right scanning equipment. The pilot felt uncomfortable in the bulky vacuum suit. The Banshee wasnít designed for work like this, in space. He checked his thermal sensors again, and saw nothing on his scanners. "Banshee 2 reporting in, nothing on sensors."

"Banshee 1 also reporting nothing"

"Banshee 3 also repor- wait a minute, Iím picking up something on visual butÖ not on thermal." The pilot of B2 listened with interest.

"B3 explain," said the squad leader with surprise in his voice.

"I can see it very clearly but itís not showing up on my thermals"

"Switch to ultra violet." They all switched to ultra violet imaging and saw not one, not two, but a dozen Hell Hounds crawling across the surface of the hull. "Report this to the Punisher immediately, theyíll want to see this."

"Shipmaster, new messages coming in on COM, apparently these things do not show up on thermal imagery. The same crew that discovered this said that they do however, show up on ultra violet images"

"Thank you COM officer, alert the search crews to this immediately."

The Ghost cruised along the surface of the vessel. Saínyale lazily watched his thermal screens, saw nothing, and continued along the surface of the vessel. He, along with the rest of his squad, were in a formation similar to a human "x". The four Ghosts were on all four corners around a Wraith, which was in the middle of the formation. They all had their sensors on full, scanning everything within 30 units of their formation. The COM crackled on, "Attention all search parties, switch all scanners from thermal to UV, these things donít show up on thermal." Saínyale immediately switched his scanners and saw something that made him sit up startled: there were at least a dozen Hell Hounds 20 units behind them. " Ghost squad 3, are u seeing this to?" he asked over the COM.

"Yes we are, Ghosts three and four, turn around and continue in reverse and see if you have a visual" Both of them turned around almost simultaneously and the COM crackled back on. "Yes, we definitely have visual." Shortly after that they fired their front cannons and killed two of the beasts. But the rest didnít even slow down.

Vostic edged along the narrow support beam towards the other ledge. When he told Cartucus and his Jiralhanae, along with the Lekgolo, that they were too large to cross the bean, he gave Vostic a gruesomely terrifying look of disgust and went to find an alternative route. Vostic stared down at the creature below that he had dubbed "The Queen". It didnít seem to notice their presence, it seemed more preoccupied with its current task: laying thousands of eggs one at a time.

Security team 14 swept through the hallway of the Punisher. "Nothing in corridor 234," said the squad leader, " but weíll keep you posted" Just then, twenty Hell Hounds streaked in through the air ducts towards the team. They fired but there werenít enough of them and they were quickly swarmed and killed one by one.

"Excellency, Iím picking up hundreds of Hell Hounds on the surface of the vessel." "Announced the sensor monitor.

"Can our squads handle it?" asked Morvak.

"Yes, but only for a short time, they just donít have the fire power"

"Then send in the Scarab."

The grav-lift of the Punisher opened and slowly lowered down a light mining Scarab. Itís legs hit the vessel with a loud thump, that was not heard in the vacuum of space, but rather felt by those on the hull. It quickly came to life and began tracking targets for its main gum.

The Hell Hound moved effortlessly along the hull of the formerly human ship. He, along with his hundreds of other brethren got ready and leaped off the vessel and into the zero gravity vacuum of space towards the alien ship. The Covenant didnít know it, but they were in for far more than they originally anticipated.

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Alien V.S. Covenant Part 4: THE QUEEN
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