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 Halo:After Onyx

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PostSubject: Halo:After Onyx   Sun Oct 28, 2007 4:40 pm

It's not done yet but I've been talking about it so why not post it already eh? It aint very long b/c I've been kinda busy. But here you go guys.

Halo: After Onyx



As Kelly welcomes the new members of Blue Team, Ash, Olivia, and Mark. Dr. Halsey is looking at Team Katana’s cryo pods trying to find a way to open them. Chief Mendez is checking all the equipment and the loudout of the remaining Spartan II’s and III’s , there are 6 bags of rations, 3 MA5B assault rifles, three MA5K, three M6D pistols, three M6C pistols, one S2 AM sniper rifle, and three bags of ammo for the pistols, assault rifles and two bags of ammo for the sniper rifles.

Linda is out scouting the area for possible threats to the humans. Linda crawls up to the lip of a ridge she had found to discover a base camp set up but it looked deserted. As She went to raise Fred on the TeamComm Something moved down in one of the buildings. “Blue One, this is Blue Three.” “Go ahead Linda.” Fred replied. “Sir, I’ve found some type of Base or camp or something out here. You might wanna get over here and take a look. I am 500 meters north of your location.” “I’m on my way Blue Three, Out.” Fred closes the com channel and walks over to the stockpile of weapons and grabs a MA5B and four extra clips. “Spartans did you catch what Blue three said?” Fred receives four green acknowledge lights from the rest of Blue team. “Ok I want Tom and Lucy to stay here with Chief Mendez and Dr. Halsey. The rest of you come with me. Load up!”

Tom and Lucy stand up from the grass where they were sitting resting. Tom grabs a MA5K and a few extra clips. Lucy grabs the same loud out except instead of a MA5K she opts for the MA5B. Ash distributes the rest of the Rifles and ammo, leaving the pistols for the two remaining Spartans and Chief Mendez.

“Alright Blue Team let’s move out. Olivia you’re on point.” Olivia doesn’t say anything except a green acknowledgment light and a slight hiss as her SPI suit’s photoreactive cells start blending with the surrounding flora and fauna. Ash and Mark both meld into the Shadows as their Cammo kicks in.
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Halo:After Onyx
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