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 This is a story i wrote along time ago

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San 'Shyuum
San 'Shyuum

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PostSubject: This is a story i wrote along time ago   Fri Dec 07, 2007 3:20 pm

its not about halo i wrote it when i was in 6th grade so there may be spelling errors but let me know what you think.

One time I was on a space voyage in the depths of space. I was cruising along minding my own business orbiting the solar system when a strange planet caught my ship with its gravitational field. I tried to escape using my super thrusters but the planet's gravity was too strong.

It pulled my ship down, down. I ran to the airdocks, put on my space suit, got into my escape pod and ejected. When I reached 30,000 feet, I pulled the rip cord on the parashute and prepared for landing. The ground seemed to be coming up to meet me, then THUNK. I had landed.

I put on my voice translator and opened the door. I stepped outside and fell down the metal stairs all the way to the bottom. I tried to stand but just fell right back down -- every bone, every muscle, every tendon felt like lead. I tried again and forced myself to stand up. I looked around. I saw black and green trees, maybe thirty feet tall. I saw leaves on the ground that looked like grass, dark green and beautiful.

Suddenly, I noticed some odd-looking machines, about twenty feet tall, that looked like, of all things, dinasaurs. But there were what looked like people at the controls. I was so surprised that I thought I was going to faint. Maybe I'd hit my head a bit harder than I thought when I'd landed?

I realized that one of these machines was coming toward me! I panicked, thinking it might capture me, experiment on me, who knew. But when it reached me, a person jumped out, walked over to me and introduced himself. "Hello" he said, "My name is Brad." We talked for a while. I was stunned -- these people were not mean. In fact they were some of the nicest beings I had ever met.

I asked Brad what planet we were on. He said, "We're on Planet Zeack." He explained that the machines were called Zoids, they used them to get from place to place.

I asked Brad about his planet. He told me there were about twenty billion people living on Planet Zeack. He was one of the "Middles." That meant that he was between three and seven years old. The "Youngs" hadn't turned three yet. The "Elders" were eight years old and older. I again was surprised since Brad seemed to be about as old as me, until I learned that Planet Zeake took the equivilent of eight of Earth's years to orbit the sun.

Then Brad asked about me, why I was on their planet. I told him what I had been doing and how the accident happened. I explained that Planet Zeack's gravitational field was too strong for my ship and I had to eject in my escape pod or I would have died. I asked him, "Have you seen my ship? It's probably all broken up though. Maybe you saw smoke from the fire where my ship crash landed?"

He replied "No, but let me ask around, see if someone from around here might have seen it."

I was extremely tired from all the excitement and having to force myself to stand the entire time we had been talking. So I asked him if there was someplace I could stay for awhile. He said he knew of a place. When he described it, it sounded like a hotel (I learned later that most people on the planet lived in hotels). I climbed into his Zoid after him. The seat felt strange, like nothing I'd ever felt, almost like there wasn't even a seat holding me in place. It was smooth, soft and gentle -- yet a little bit stiff. I thought it was quite comfortable. I found the seatbelt and strapped myself in.

As we were heading to the hotel, I asked Brad where I could find him after I got settled. He told me he lived at the Plaza Hotel which was northwest five miles from my hotel. He was on floor 13, in room 1326. When we got to the hotel where I was staying, he showed me in. He got me something to drink that looked like green and purple stars swirling around inside the glass. I took a sip, half expecting to gag. But it was suprisingly pleasant. Like everything else on the planet so far.

He told me and showed me (on his wrist computer), just about everything I needed to know about Planet Zeack -- the atmosphere (much like Earth), the people, how things worked. I learned that this planet takes about 26.5 hours to spin on its axis, so their days were a little bit longer than on Earth. Maybe now I could get more done in one day! I also learned that Planet Zeack is a medium-sized planet with a diameter similar to Earth. And, it is approximately eight-thousand miles from the sun.

He told me to rest and get used to the place. He would ask his friends if they had seen my ship then meet me in the lobby in four hours. I went up to the counter and asked the person if I could stay for about one week or so. Steave (that's what was on his name tag) said, "Sure! Which floor do you want? And, would you like a suite or a normal room?" I said, "I'll take a suite, do you have one available on the fifth floor?" He said "No problem. Here's the key, it's room 508. The elevators are about twenty feet to the left of the counter." Thanks," I said. Then I asked, " How can I make payment arrangements, I don't understand your currency yet? Steve looked puzzled for a moment, then smiled. "We don't have anything like money here," he explained. Now I looked puzzled. "You'll understand someday."

He left me there, kind of shaking his head as he walked away. Man, I had a lot to learn! l went to the elevator, got in and pressed 5. It moved so fast that I collapsed. It was at the fifth floor in less than two seconds. I got up (a little easier this time), the doors opened and I stepped out of the elevator. I saw a sign that read "Rooms 500-511 " So I headed down that hall, found my room and unlocked the door. When I opened the door, I was shocked. There was what looked like a TV but it was five feet tall with two huge speakers, a stereo and a bed larger than a kingsize. I stepped into the room, took off my shoes and socks and walked over towards the bed. The carpet was so soft that it felt like the floor was massaging my feet. I layed down on the bed, it felt like I melted into it and I was asleep in an instant.

When I woke up, it was 4:35 (it had been 1:45 when I came up to my room). So I played with some of the controls on the TV (colors I had never seen before!) and some of the other gadgets. I made a mental note that I'd have to ask Brad what some of this stuff was for.

I went to the elevator. This time, when I got in, I looked around and saw a switch that said "slow - medium - fast." I set the switch to "slow" and pressed "L" for lobby. After a much slower -- and gentler trip down, I got off the elevator and found a bench near the entrance and waited. I watched people pass by, come and go. Everyone seemed nice.

As soon as I saw Brad walk in the door, I stood up, stretched, walked over to him and said "hello." He turned his head, smiled in recognition and said "hi" back. He told me that a friend had seen my ship and knew where it was. He suggested I get my own Zoid for the time I was here and took me to a shop where I could get one. I went in and looked around in amazement. The different types I could choose from were, a Raptor, a Command Wolf, a D Bison, a Shield Liger, a Blade Liger, and a White Liger. I chose the White Liger because it seemed to be the strongest and had the mechanic install all the parts and armor it could use. When we went outside, Brad told me about all of the controls on the Zoid, like the steering, the navigational system and, of course, how to start and stop it. The mechanic told me that there was a white button for normal use, a blue button for heavy use and a red button for extra heavy duty, if I ever needed it. Then he gave me Zoid and said, "Good luck!"

When I got into the Zoid, I was eager to try it out. So, I contacted Brad in his Zoid on the communicator and asked him if there was any safe, open areas where I could try out all of the Zoid's capabilities. "I want to see what this Zoid can do!" He said "Sure! Follow me."

We went to a place where there were huge metal scraps, but no one else around. I switched from the white (normal) button and pressed the red button and used a buster slash. The Zoid moved so fast, everything was a blur. When the Zoid stopped, the piece of metal had crumbled. The I pressed the blue button, flipped another switch and went five times faster than I had before. I slowed to a stop and pressed the green button and all of these cool gadgets appeared. The main item was the Hyper Beam. When I used it, I had to close my eyes . It pushed the Zoid back eight feet and all I could see was a cloud of dust. When the air cleared, I saw that the metal scrap was in smitherines. When I pressed all of the buttons together, the Zoid went crazy. It had so much speed, strength, velocity, agility and so many abilities that it was amazing! Even Brad was suprised. No one had ever pushed all the buttons at once before so no one had seen all that it could do. "Now I know why you crash landed!" Brad joked over the communicator.

After I was done checking everything out on my Zoid, I pressed the white button and went back to normal operations. I asked Brad if we could go to the area where my ship had been spotted. "Sure," he said, "let's go, follow me!"

When we got to the site, I saw what was left of my ship. Just about everything looked broken. Brad used his Zoid to load the parts of my ship onto my Zoid. Then we took it to the mechanic who had helped me with the Zoid. I asked him if my ship could be repaired. But after looking at it, he told me it would be impossible to fix. He said that he could put some of the parts from my ship to use on my Zoid. I asked him if he knew of a place to get a new space ship. He said, "Yeah, go north two miles then west two miles then north again for six miles. You should see a sign on a shop that reads "Best Space Ships." I thanked him, got in my Zoid and rode off.

When Brad and I got to the shop, I found the perfect ship. I asked the shopkeeper if it was available. He said yes! So, I loaded it onto my Zoid. Then I went to an open area were I could take off in my new ship. I told Brad I would be back, I just needed to go home and get some supplies, then I would be back. He wished me good luck.

I left my Zoid with Brad, climbed into my ship, got to the cockpit, familiarized myself with the controls and took off. It took me 3 days to get to Earth. When I got there, the first thing I did was go to my house and get all of the supplies that I would need (food, water, clothes). I loaded all of this along with my personal stuff, said good-bye to my friends and took off.

When I got back to planet Zeack, I gathered all of my stuff and put it in my Zoid, just where I had left it only a few days before. I went back to the suite in my hotel and called Brad on his communicator. We went out for dinner. I told Brad that Planet Zeack was my new home. The good people, the good environment, everything good about the planet made me feel good.

I lived very happily, got married, had some kids and became an author. My impression of Planet Zeack is still the same. And, I don't have to use a translator anymore. I decided to write down the story of how I got to this planet. And that story is what you have just finished reading.


William Kirk
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This is a story i wrote along time ago
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