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 Halo: The Lost Ark

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PostSubject: Halo: The Lost Ark   Tue May 06, 2008 11:18 pm

(Coming soon)

Well as a small introduction... some of u may know i had a previous ff called Halo: The Aftermath... and well also as u may know that ff was scrapped and i chose to revise it adding more canonical things.. and well in general making it better cause i thought the other was pretty crappy lol... well this is the new re-edited version... i chose not to go with the same title for well my own reasons... now this title is pending so dont make assumptions on the storyline yet.. cause what u think the title means and what i intend it to be can be very different so yeah... well i finished the first chapter and spell checked it several times i will be proof-reading and adding things here and there and when i am done i will post the chapter up... just giving u guys a heads up... cya!

Prophet of Reality
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Halo: The Lost Ark
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