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PostSubject: Namnlös   Fri Jul 06, 2007 3:57 pm

For those of you who read it on HWS, It's the same, Part III and IV Will come, I just havn't had the feel for writing latley.

Please tell me how to edit it to make it better Razz

Part I

This was expected, the Covenants retreat to space went fast. Every living Covenant was evacuated within 2 hours and there was nothing we could do It almost felt as a relief even thou we knew what waited.

The day before:
"Charlie wake up, Wake up."
"What?" I groaned as a reply.
"We need to hurry up the evacuation has started."
"What do you mean?" I almost yelled Immediately awake.
"The Covenant, They.. They're coming. They will be here in less then a day." My wife Kelly, stuttered.
The thoughts raced through my mind, how could they get so close without detection. But the immediately got cut off by the Public announcement system outside.
"No need to panic. Take only the most vital things with you as you proceed to your closest evacuation site."
Taking nothing but some money and my sidearm we ran from home the three blocks to evacuation site 54D, but as we closed up on it the panicking crowd pushed and showed, there were children crying, some had lost their parents in the mass of people. The marines stationed for policing couldn't do anything.

When my wife and I finally got up to the ship there were hardly any people left to get on board. As we got up on the walkway they reported that there were only three places left. As we got on board i could hear a familiar voice screaming.
"Wait!! Wait!" It was my old best friend Adams wife Eva and her child, but she has been alone since he went MIA a couple of months ago.
"Let us get on board."
"Sorry mam'." the marine replied.
"Please we have to get on board."
"Sorry but we don't have any room left. Take another ship." Eva stood quiet then she spoke.
"This is the last ship, we have to get on it."
"I'm really sorry but we can't support any more people in space."
"Then take my child." she said with tears in her eyes.
"And Charlie please take good care of her."
I looked to my wife and just as if she could read my mind tears formed in the corner of her eyes..
"Please don't do it! Please!" she begged.
"I'm sorry honey. But I have to do this. Take my place Eva"
"Thank you. Thank you so much!"
I gave my wife one last kiss goodbye but we got interrupted by the marine.
"We have to leave now so you have to get off."
"I love you, fare well."
As I ran off the hatch closed and I realised that I would never see her again. And as the ship took of to the sky a great feeling of loneliness fell upon me.

I started wandering the streets looking for someone but not a soul was to find, everyone had been evacuated. But as I got closer to the Town square I started seeing marines putting up roadblocks and gun nests and warthogs were patrolling the streets. When I finally arrived at my apartment all her things laid around just as if she was home. I went up to my desk and opened the top drawer and found what I was looking for, a coloured printed photograph of Kelly. I picked it up and put it in my inner pocket. As I went towards the door I heard a loud whining sound grow louder and suddenly hell broke loose. Covenant Spirits and Phantoms came out of the clouds and immediately started dropping of troops on the streets and rooftops. Machinegun fire and returning plasma could be heard as both sides started engaging each other. The whining sound grew louder as one of the spirits flew above and stopped above the roof a few soft thumps and then the Spirit flew away.
"Dam, Dam." I thought out loud.
"What am I going to do now?" I removed the safety from my M6G and moved forwards the door. Outside I heard heavy footsteps and a strange loud alien voice and then came a reply in a lower more pitchy voice. I stood there silent listening as the footsteps passed and after what could have been 30 minutes or an hour I finally dared to peak out. The corridor was empty so I moved towards the staircase and I looked down, nothing yet. This is almost to easy. As an answer to my thoughts a high pitch scream came from behind. I turned around to locate the source, it came from a small almost monkey like alien with a mask over it's face. It raised it's plasma pistol and took aim but I was faster. I put one shot straight through it's head and then another in it's arm. Thick blue blood sprayed the walls. Loud barks and squeaks were heard through out the building and I started running down the stairs. halfway down the last set of stairs I ran into one of the grunts which made me loose my grip and fall down the remaining stairs with the grunt not so far behind. I quickly came to my feet but got hit in the head making me fall down again the grunt moved back prepared to take a leap forward but I raised my gun for the kill one shot through the head and then I stumbled to my feet and ran out on the street taking a turn into a small alley. After a while of running I started hearing orders being yelled out on English and I could hear the unmistakeable sound of Assault rifle fire. As i came up to the outpost I could hear some one yelling my name.
"Charlie! Charlie! Get down."
Who knows my name? Was the first thing that went through my mind as i started to respond to the marines raising their guns I realized what had been said. I threw myself to the ground and the second later a plasma sword cut through the air where my head had been just seconds before. The marines opened fire and shot the elite, his shield quickly drained and the bullets started hitting his armour and then his flesh. It fell down and laid down in a pool of it's purple blood.

Part II

I looked around the marines to try and spot the guy who apparently must have known me since earlier, then I saw him, standing next to one of the Warthogs .
"Adam." I almost whispered
"The one and only, or maybe not the only." he replied almost cheerfully.
"But you're gone, MIA since your ship got blown up."
"Actually, it didn't blow up we just got badly damaged, all systems were destroyed except for the life-support."
"But.. But how?"
"We made it back? Well the Midnight Rose came by a week after the battle and noticed that life support still was active on our ship so they made a pass by and noticed that there were people alive on our ship, but just barely. So they picked up the last survivors and ferried us to the closest shipyard, where they dropped us off."
The thoughts started racing through my mind and before a question could form he continued.
"But why are you still here? Shouldn't you have been evacuated with the rest of the civilians?"
"I stayed back there were no more room on the ships."
"How did it go for my wife? and my daughter?" He asked worried.
"They just made it on board, I stepped of to make room."
"Where's Kelly?"
"She left with the others."
"INCOMING! Take Cover!" One of the marines called out. The growing whine of banshees grew louder.
"Brandon prepare the spanker, David, Ford prepare to open fire!" As the three banshees lined up for the first strafing run David and Ford opened fire with their M41 LAAG mounted on the two 'hogs. The first banshee got shredded apart by the bullet rain parts flying every where. The second banshee got hit by a large part of wreckage from the first one which sent him spinning away into a nearby building crashing into it setting of a big explosion which sent off a spray of rubble. Brandon then fired his rocket launcher sending the guided rocket straight into the front of the banshee exploding into a bright flash of blue light, debris flying everywhere.
"We better get out of here. Mount up on the hogs, we're moving to the town square." Adam ordered.
"Charlie you're with me."

As all the marines mounted the warthogs I and Adam went to what looked like a smaller version of the warthog.
"What's that?" I asked.
"It's a Mongoose. These things are small and quick, comes in handy if you have to move quickly. Hop on behind me and take this assault rifle, just in case. You do remember how to use it. Right?"
"Of course I do. You don't just forget something you spent twelve years learning. But I have always preferred the sniper."
We took off, leading the way around the burning wreckages towards the town square. The distinctive sound of gunfire grew louder as we drove deeper into the city, taking the last turn to the square a bright green light flew right in front of us, missing us by inches. I quickly located the target, a pack of grunts and fired my assault rifle in a series of quick bursts, tearing through their flesh sending sprays of their thick light-blue blood on the ground and walls around them. One of them got a bullet through it's methane mask, making it scream and start to suffocate before i could get a mercy shot through it's head. We raced out on the square in our vehicles and the sight that met us shocked us. Dead bodies civilian and marines laid scattered, burning wreckages of Warthogs and Scorpions, half the base vaporised of what could've been Wraith fire, the air filled with the stench of burning fuel and flesh.
"What the hell happened here?!" one of the marines asked, but it was obvious.
"Search the area of survivors and weapons." Adam ordered.

I went in to the base in the search of some weapons since I returned the AR to Adam. The first sight that met my eyes almost made me throw up. A dead marine laid with his stomach sliced open with the guts spilled out on the floor. His head was missing the front half an there was blood everywhere and the stench was unbelievable.
I quickly moved on to the next room and I could hear the marine that followed me giving away loud shriek and then throw up.
I continued into the building trying to forget what i had seen. I entered what must have been the communications room, I counted 5 dead operators lying scattered with burnt holes in their bodies. Next to one of them I spotted a M90 shotgun which I picked up. moving out to the corridor I heard a strange sniffing like sound from one of the rooms. I readied the shotgun and slowly moved to the door, quickly i smashed the door open the room was empty, nothing. I saw a slight movement in the corner of my eye and i turned my attention, just in time to see a plasma sword activate. I aimed my shotgun and fired, a huge elite appeared from the thin air in front of me, it's purple blood spraying the wall, as in a last attempt to kill me he lunged forward but i put a shot in his head, which blew away his ugly face and the brute force of the impact made him spin backward. I put two more shots in him just to make certain he was dead and then another one for revenge for what he and his race, the entire covenant had done to my home, my planet, my friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Namnlös   Fri Jul 06, 2007 7:39 pm

Hey i dont know how to write that little "Surprised" thingy on the title of ur fanfic so u will have to write that urself in ur fanfic discussion thread.... basically make the thread for ur fanfic urself. Now locking.
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PostSubject: Re: Namnlös   Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:35 am

Part III is done, if you have any suggestions on how to improve the story or a name for it please post it in the Fan Fic discussion Very Happy

Part III

"Dammit, What was that?" Adam yelled over the radio.
"Nothing to worry about." I answered, I could still hear the strange sound so i moved into the next room, the noise got louder so I lowered my pace, it sounded like a child crying. The sound came from a closed clauset, I stopped outside and I called out in a low voice.
"Hello, any one there?" The sniffing sound stopped. and after a few seconds I got a cautious answer.
"Hello?" It sounded frightened.
"You can come out, It's safe." Slowly the door opened, and out came a small boy which looked no older than 10.
"I've found a survivor, a small boy." I said through the comm.
"What's your name?"
"Hello Robby, My name is Charlie, I'm here to help you. Where are your parents?"
"I... I don't know." He sniffed and started crying again
"Charlie. You need to take the boy and come outside, we have reports of covenants coming this way. You need to hurry!" Adam said through the radio.
"We have to go now, Robbie."
I extended my hand and he took it, we walked towards the room where I met the elite and I suddenly remembered the horrible sight that waited.
"Robbie, can you close your eyes and I'll guide you out of here." He did as I said and I lead him through the base. When we got outside I saw that they had found a few more survivors, three soldiers and five civilians which of 2 were badly hurt.
"MOMY!" Robby yelled and ran towards one of the women.
"Robby!" She knelt down with her arms wide open. Robby threw himself towards her chest and hugged her.
"I thought I never was going to se you again." she cried. Adam came towards me and gave me a sniper and a bag.
"You might need this."
"Thanks, what's in the bag?"
"A few spare magazines and frags." I raised the sniper and looked down the street, I aligned the sight the best I could without firing any shots and then I hung it over my shoulder.
Looking at Robby and his mom i felt a cold shiver inside me, I was probably never going to see Kelly again.
"Time to move out!" Adam ordered. Brandon drove out another warthog but this one was unarmed and instead had room for more passengers on the back. All the Civilians were seated in that one. Ford joined Brandon an the Transport with his M-19, the rest of the marines mounted the two remaining Hogs Adam and I went for the Mongoose.

The convoy picked of, speeding down the road. A low whine was picking up behind us and I could hear one of the LAAGS opening fire an explosion and I could see the smoke trail of a SPnkr rocket the debris of a banshee falling out of the sky. We kept going pushing our vehicles to the limit. coming up to a turn we could hear sounds from an ongoing battle ahead, We pulled into a garage building where we were hidden from sight. We dismounted our vehicles and the medic started working on the two wounded civilians.
"Charlie you and David go and check out what is happening down the road, we'll stay here until you guys get back." Adam handed David a pair of binoculars.
"Don't fire unless absolutely necessary." He then added.
"Aye aye Sir." we replied in a chorus.
We moved outside the street was littered with rubble making it easy for us to stay hidden. As we moved further down the street the sound of raging battle was growing louder and as we came to the are where the market had been we could see what was going on. in the foremost corner three scorpions stood firing at the three wraiths and Warthogs with LAAG turrets were firing at the oncoming Grunts and elites, black armoured marines stood in cover of sandbags firing precise shots at the oncoming invaders, killing ten for each fallen. A plasma shot from one of the wraiths took out 10 of the Marines.
I turned to face David, he was looking through his binoculars at the ongoing battle.
"David hurry back and get the others to come here these guys can use some help, just make sure someone stays and protect the civilians!"
He gave me a grump as acknowledgement and went running back from where we came. I went into the building next to me an old apartment building and made my shotgun ready for just in case, but I made it to the top floor without any problems.
Once i got to a window i put the shotgun down on the floor and prepared my 99-S2 AM.
Looking at the battlefield through the scope reminded me of old days, first I got a oversight of the battlefield the marines were loosing, badly. One of the tanks had gotten a straight hit from a Wraith, and was nothing more than a smouldering Wreckage. Two of the Wraiths was destroyed but the enemy had a few hunter pairs enclosing on the tanks. Looking more thoroughly I could see a elite that stood out, he had a golden armour and it looked like he ordered the other covenants around. I estimated the wind speed to about 1m/s I adjusted the aim took a deep breath and closed my eyes and looked, I adjusted the aim and repeated the manoeuvre and it was dead on target, I softly squeezed the trigger and the bullet went straight through his head. First nothing, then panic broke lose amongst the covenant.
Two more shots then i need to change hiding place, I fired the second shot on one of the red elites, it was a kill and the third shot on one of the ghosts but it just missed the driver and ricocheted harmlessly of the ghost.
I ran out of the room and down a few stairs and set up in a new window, the Covenants didn't know what to do with their leader lost.
I could see the wraith, It fired a shot against one of the tanks, the driver struggled to back out of range but as the mortar hit parts of the tank vaporised, and the armaments inside exploded of the heat further bringing to the destruction.

Hearing the unmistakable sound of warthogs i looked down to my left and i could see them, the cavalry, if you could call them that. Two Hogs and a Mongoose. I zoomed in on the Mongoose and I could see Adam driving and Brandon with his rocket launcher. Brandon fired at the wraith scoring a hit making it unusable. The hogs sped around making donuts trying hard not to get hit and succeeded. The gunners were firing the LAAGS at the covenant infantry. One of the hogs got hit by a fulerod smashing down the front of the vehicle sending the gunner flying away. The flipped hog got hit by another fulerod shot blowing it into pieces.
The defending marines rage fuelled by the sacrifice of their comrades rushed out, their hogs speeding out smashing through the covenant lines. The covenants panicked the grunts started fleeing and the shielded jackals formed circles with overlapping shields.
Brandon fired a rocket into their formation blowing them apart.
I picked of a few of the remaining elites and then started making my way down the stairs. When I came out the battle was almost over, the sound of gunfire was dying out. I joined up with Adam who got off the mongoose.
"So there you are, where have you been?" Adam asked with frustration in his voice.
"He was using his sniper to take out the enemy commander." a Deep voice replied.
I turned around to see a huge white man approaching
."Thanks for the help, you came as a miracle out of the sky. I'm captain Brooks of the 510th ODST." He offered his hand.
"I'm Sergeant Adams and this is what's left of my squad, except for Charlie here and two other guys that are protecting a few civilian survivors down the street. Charlie take the mongoose and fetch the others."
"Alright." I replied and started walking towards the mongoose.
"Thanks for the help Charlie you really brought us the victory." Brook called.
The trip to the Garage went without any problems. Robby and the rest of the civilians were fine. I was greeted by a hug from Robbie and then I told them what was going on and they quickly boarded the transport and we were of to the rest of the marines.

To Be continued.

I hope you liked the story so far.
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