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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Code of Conduct Icon_minitimeSun Jun 10, 2007 9:31 pm

The List of Offenses

*Do not spam. At all. Ever. While the interpretation of the word "spam" may vary from one section to another, we reserve the right to punish you for posting something that is spam, based off of what does and does not belong in any particular section of the forum. And make sure your thread titles are accurately descriptive.
*Use the search function. If a topic already has a thread, post in that thread. Resurrect it if you have to. It is better for a topic's thread to be resurrected many times, then for a topic to have many threads with few posts each.
*Do not Necro abusively necro threads. That is a huge offense, and you will almost certainly get a long vacation for it.
*No porn, no linking to porn, and no discussion of porn, or any other inappropriate materials. While this site is intended for a fairly mature audience, it is not adults only.
*There will be no discussion of underage drinking, in accordance with our hosts policy regarding such things.
*There will be no posting of copyrighted materials, and claiming them as your own. You maybe be allowed to post them in other situations, but use your common sense. Should the owner of any such materials ask it, we will take down the materials under their ownership, and punish the posters accordingly.
*There will be no discussion of piracy, hacks, cracks, keygens, etc. Lawsuits are expensive, and we have no wish to be dragged into one. Violate at your won risk.
*Don't be rascist, homophobic, etc. If you're a dumbass, keep it to yourself.
*Use proper grammer. To do other wise makes me angry.
*No advertising. We may make the odd exception based on our own discretion, but if you don't know what those situations are, then don't even bother.
*Don't try to do our jobs for us. Report a bad post or thread, and get on with your life. *Anyone who Dances in a Closed Thread, or anything along those lines will share the fate of the offender.
*We reserve the right to punish you suitably for any actions not covered above, but deemed inappropriate. Tread lightly
*We don't care what problems you have with another forummer here, especially if they started somewhere else. If you don't like it, then you're more then welcome to excersize your right to leave. We'll be happy to help you on this one.
*No crude or inappropriate commentary. To do otherwise will result in bannings.
*Do not attempt to bypass the swear filter by speaking in n00b.
*No public complaining about the actions of the moderation staff. If you don't like something, take it up with me.

The List of Punishments

*Altering of Post Count - Given out to people who'se actions warrant a negative post count, so you can tell just by looking at them what sort of person they are.
*Official Warnings - Generally only given out for the first time offenders of minor offenses. As most of our staff prefer banning over talking, do not expect many of these.
*Minor Ban - Ranging from 24 hours to a week. Generally given out for minor offenses, or when a cool-down time is deemed neccessary.
*Medium Ban - Lasting a month or so. Generally given out for fairly serious offenses.
*Major Ban - Lasting upwards of 6 months. Given out for grave offenses.
*Permanent Ban - Lasts forever. Leave and don't come back.

All credit for this CoC goes towards WatchWood at
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Code of Conduct
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